Maui Wellness Retreats

Plunge into the truest form of your body, mind, and soul through yoga, meditation and rejuvenating within on the beautiful beaches of Maui Hawaii. You will feel the tranquility of the island’s powerful energy and forget all the complications of daily life. It’s time to return to your center. Restore your life’s balance through the many options of retreat offerings and return home with the tools needed to find peace in your every day life. We offer the best the island has by handpicking educated and experienced facilitators to guide you into the best version of yourself. It’s time to connect to you. Our retreats are designed for private one on one, couples retreat or private groups.

Please view the four package options listed below and know that one of our team members will help you to organize the retreat of your dreams.

1. Surf, SUP & Yoga Wellness Retreat

November 18th – 24th 2021

We invite you to experience a world of relaxation, transformation and discovery. We have perfectly created a retreat that combines surfing, snorkeling, cultural excursions, SUP and yoga so that you can explore to discover the magic of the beautiful island of Maui.

From our expert instructors with decades of experience, to the perfectly-crafted meals made from local ingredients, to exploring and learning about the culture and history of one of the worlds most magical and breathtaking destinations, our retreats combine the thrill of travel with the comfort of having every need met. This retreat is a beautifully balanced combination of soul healing, fun and adventure.

It has been heart fulfilling to create a truly special experience where paradise vacation meets life transformation meets laughing like crazy with the best friends you never knew you could have.

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    The Surf Experience

    Both first time and intermediate surfers are welcome to experience Maui’s perfect waves and gorgeous turquoise warm waters with views of the Maui west side mountains. There is a reason why surfing was born in Hawaii… Your local and highly experienced surf instructors will teach you the skills and safety of surfing all while sharing the history and culture so you can take home not just the skills of surfing but the IKE (Knowledge/ History) and ALOHA.

    The SUP Yoga experience

    SUP combined with Yoga is an important element of your retreat experience. We begin our training on shore before heading out onto the ocean where the gentle lapping of water on board adds to the powerful, healing aspects of your practice. The beautiful combination of yoga and the ocean provides you with the perfect opportunity to commune with land and sea, mind and body for a full spirit and sense of well-being. Our goal is to have guests leave our retreats feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, healed and inspired so that you return home with a renewed sense of enjoyment for life, family and even career.

    The massage experience

    Your retreat experience will not be complete without a healing and restorative massage during your vacation. It’s essential to loosen and relieve tired muscles, increase circulation, and help your worries drift out to sea. Our experienced and gifted therapists are completely in tune with your body and spirit. You can choose any massage of your choice from Lomi Lomi, Swedish to deep tissue.

    The food experience

    Farm-to-table, nutritious, delicious meals. Every day.
    Choose from our high-nutrient, anti-inflammatory food menu, lovingly served daily by our amazing chefs. Fresh and local ingredients in our raw juices and primal meals will take our guests’ nutrition to the next level. Primal cuisine is comprised of nutrient dense, locally sourced, whole foods. All our meals are rich with living enzymes, fibers, plant and local animal proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Our menu is filled with unique flavors of a full Raw Food Menu, a Juice Detox Menu and a Simple Primal Menu. Our fruits and vegetables are locally grown and bought from farmers markets, and we use local animal products such as daily caught fish, eggs, shrimps, and every once in a while.. chicken. The ingredients we source are always the freshest that we can get, whole and organic.

    Cultural excursions

    An Authentic Maui experience!
    These are experiential tours that immerse you in Hawaiian culture and are led by cultural practitioners. Each Quest ignites a meaningful relationship with the wisdoms of traditional life-ways. These rare experiences give you access to private land and the opportunity to learn in-depth, place-based understandings. Let your engagement with the voices of Maui and the heart of the land, open the door to walk in the footsteps of your Ancestors and support the perpetuation of living cultures for the next generation. Each Quest serves as a fundraiser to provide free cultural programming to low-income folks and families on Maui.

    Herbal healing workshop

    Learn about ancient herbal medicine and discover how they can assist in the healing of body and mind. Create your personalized tinctures made from exotic plants and flowers grown locally on Maui.

    Kava & sound healing ceremony

    Immerse yourself, dream, heal and receive guidance from Spirit through a journey of Sound with Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gong, Shruti Box, Chakapa, Rattles, Drums, Flutes with the support of Kava Root Plant Medicine, a gentle Heart opener.

    Traditionally, Polynesian peoples used Kava to induce relaxation and counteract fatigue, as well as for urinary tract problems, asthma, rheumatism, headaches and to promote weight loss. According to early ethnobotanists, Polynesian healers used kava as a treatment for many ailments in the body. In more recent times Kava has been recommended in larger doses to treat anxiety and depressive disorders. It is a very gentle plant that will open your heart for a deeper connection.

    Hawaiian Mythology & Bonfire Dinner

    Through a shared conversation with a Hawaiian cultural practitioner and through Hawaiian story-telling, you’ll learn about the significance of fire to the Hawaiian people, and how fire connects all people to our ancestors. We’ll gather in a circle around the warmth of an outdoor fire and hear the blowing of the pū (conch shell) when the sun sets and an oli (chant) to mark the ending of the day and the coming night. Then connect with your retreat group in a rich and meaningful way during an ‘awa ceremony (a ceremony conducted with a Polynesian drink mixed with coconut water).

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2. Healing Wellness Retreat & Cultural Adventures

We would love for you to visit the magnificent island of Maui for a private, personal one on one retreat that generates self-revelation, healing within and a reach into deepening your practice while submerging yourself into the culture of Maui and learning about its ancient history through Makoa quests.

The true essence of our island creates sacred space for you to rejuvenate with in, alongside of our highly trained teachers, therapists and tour guides.

Retreat Pricing & Details

Includes 5 Days/4 night accommodations at one of our beautiful properties, transportation to and from the airport, unlimited studio yoga classes, 3 private sessions of your choice, one 2 hour quest, one 4 hour quest and one 60 minute massage starting at $3399 for one. Pricing can change depending on season. (See lodging options further down this page).

Please note that lodging is also optional and that we can service you at any resort or private residence that you will be staying.

Additional nights, private sessions, spa services, activities, tours, quests and healthy meals that can be delivered straight to your door can all be added for an additional charge. Please see retreat offerings below. Rest assured we will help you in which sessions to choose. Let us know how else we can be of assistance and other questions we can answer for you.

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3. Couples Retreat

Sometimes the stress of our everyday lives can affect our relationships and no matter how close and compatible you are with your partner, it can dull your spark. This is when it’s more important than ever to take time to relax, rest, and recharge your relationship.

A vacation away from work, family, and the stress of everyday life may be just what you need to bring you and your loved one closer together. Sharing new experiences and adventures can rekindle the love and remind you both why you came together in the first place.

This retreat is your perfect opportunity to escape your daily reality and spend some quality time with your love. Come and retreat with us as we will offer you the space to open your hearts and find connection once again.

Retreat Pricing & Details

Includes 5 Days/4 night accommodations in one our beautiful retreat properties, transportation to and from the airport, unlimited studio yoga classes, 3 private couple’s retreat sessions of your choice and one 60 minute couples massage. Starting at $3199 for two. Pricing can change depending on accommodation choices and season. (See lodging options further down this page).

Please note that lodging is also optional and that we can service you at any resort or private residence that you will be staying.

Additional nights, private sessions, spa services, activities, tours, quests and healthy meals that can be delivered straight to your door can all be added for an additional charge. Please see couples retreat offerings below as well as all retreat offering on the retreat page. Rest assured

we will help you in which sessions to choose. Let us know how else we can be of assistance and other questions we can answer for you.

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    • Partner yoga
    • Acro yoga
    • Couple’s kundalini yoga

    Energy work

    • Sound healing crystal bath
    • Couple’s chakra balancing
    • Reiki session for two
    • Couple’s sound healing


    • Heart opening cocoa ceremony
    • Hypnotic meditation journey
    • Ayurvedic cord cutting/removal with guided chakra journey


    • Reigniting the heart meditation
    • Yoga nidra for two
    • Flowing into the river of love meditation
    • Abundance giving & receiving meditation
    • Chanting for couple’s Connection
    • Reigniting the heart meditation
    • Yoga nidra for two
    • Flowing into the river of love meditation
    • Abundance giving & receiving meditation
    • Chanting for couple’s Connection


    • Gifts of words
    • Rekindling gratitude
    • Balancing the circles of love Eye gazing
    • Pillow talk
    • Love talk over tea
    • Aromatherapy for intimacy
    • The art of romance
    • Trust building
    • Expressions of love
    • Healing hands sensuous touch
    • Connecting heart chakras
    • Cultivating joy between you
    • Crystals – creating a love grid
    • Rituals – sun and moon phases
    • Conscious communication
    • Psychic love reading
    • Couple’s tarot card reading


    • Learning to laugh again
    • Learning to show appreciation
    • Learn to make a love elixir from aromatherapy oils of words
    • Learning couple’s massage
    • Aromatherapy for lovers
    • Make sacred malas together with guided meditation


    • Introduction to tantra breathing
    • Introduction to tantra techniques
    • White tantra

    Spa Services

    • Couple’s massage


4. Build Your OWN Retreat!

Here is your opportunity to create the retreat of your dreams in Maui Hawaii for a private, personal one on one or private group retreat! We have lodging options that can sleep anywhere from 1 to 16 people.

(Lodging is optional so please know that we can service you at any hotel or private residence you are staying.)

What’s Included:

Included in your personalized retreat package is transportation to and from the airport and unlimited studio yoga classes.

To start building your amazing personalized retreat please view all the Retreat Offerings below.

Rest assured we will help you in which sessions to choose. Let us know questions we can answer for you.

Call us at 808.339.3689 to Book Your Custom Retreat Today!

Retreat Offerings

Choose from the options below to personalize the retreat package of your choice.

  • Private Yoga Sessions

    Private Yoga Sessions

    SUP Yoga Classes, 2-hours
    All other Private Yoga Classes, 90-minutes

    All yoga sessions include personal attention to alignment with therapeutic adjustments.

    • Yoga For Beginners
    • Vinyasa Flow
    • Hatha Flow
    • Restorative And/or Yin Yoga
    • Yoga Nidra/yogic Sleep
    • Therapeutic Yoga
    • Gentle Yoga
    • Kundalini Yoga
    • Ashtanga Yoga
    • Sivananda Yoga
    • Prana Flow Yoga
    • Yoga for Surfers
    • SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga)
    • Core Focused Yoga
    • Kids Yoga
    • Family Yoga
    • Prenatal Yoga
    • Partner Yoga
    • Yoga for Empowerment
    • Yoga for Chakra Activation
  • Meditation Sessions

    Meditation Sessions

    • Meditation For Beginners
    • How To Cultivate A Personal Meditation Practice
    • Guided Meditation With Tarot Card Reading
    • Healing Light Guided Meditations
    • Concentration Meditation
    • Mindfulness Meditation
    • Mantra Meditation
    • Kundalini Meditation
    • Pranayama Meditation
    • Guided Meditation
    • Yoga Nidra Meditation
    • Buddhist Meditation
    • Walking Meditation
    • Candle Flame Meditation
    • Focused Attention Meditation
    • Open Monitoring Meditation
    • Effortless Presence Meditation
    • Loving Kindness Meditation (Metta)
    • Vipasana Meditation
    • Sound Meditation
    • Self Inquiry I Am Meditation
    • Emptiness Meditation
    • Heart Opening Meditation
    • Archangels Meditation
    • Forgiveness Meditation
    • Finding Yourself Meditation
    • Increasing Intuitive Power Meditation
    • Stress Relief, Attracting Love Meditation
    • Attracting Money Meditation
    • Anxiety Relief Meditation
    • Releasing the Inner Saboteur for Future Success Meditation
    • Reuniting with A Loved One in Spirit Meditation
    • Personal Energy Cleansing and Strengthening Meditation
    • River Meditation into Future Moment of Power Meditation
    • Toning Up Your Clairaudience Meditation
    • Toning Up Your Clairsentience Meditation
    • Toning Up your Clairvoyance Meditation
    • Manifest Your Ideal Weight with Warrior Energy Meditation
    • Empowering Your Year Meditation
    • Strengthening Your Inner Healer Meditation
    • Attracting Your Soulmate Meditation
    • Reigniting the heart meditation
    • Flowing into the river of love meditation
    • Abundance giving & receiving meditation
    • Breath of Life
    • The Power of
    • Letting Go
    • Restoring Balance
    • Relax, Renew, Restore
  • Healing Sessions

    Healing Sessions

    All healing sessions are one hour.

    • Chakra Balancing
    • Healing Touch With Essential Oil Therapy
    • Sound Healing
    • Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Healing
    • Reiki Healing
    • Chanelled Healing
    • Healing Nia Ceremonies
    • Sound healing crystal bath
    • Couple’s chakra balancing
    • Reiki session for two
    • Couple’s sound healing
    • Connecting heart chakras for Couples
  • Private Land and Ocean Sessions

    Private Land and Ocean Sessions

    • Surfing, 2-hours, $195
    • Surf Tours, 3-hours
    • Yoga & Surf Session, 2-hours
    • Paddle Boarding, 2-hour
    • Paddle Board Surfing, 2-Hours
    • Beach Boot Camp Workout, 90-Minutes, $150
    • Personal Training, 90-Minutes, $150
    • Yoga & Hiking Excursion, 3-hours
    • SUP Whale Watch Drift & Ocean Flow, 2-Hours, Experienced Paddle Boarders Only) Whale season is January – March
  • Massage Services

    Massage Services

    Sessions 60, or 90-minutes

    • Body Healing Massage
    • Lomi Lomi Massage
    • Thai Massage
    • Deep Tissue Massage
    • Shiatsu Massage
    • Sports Massage
    • Couples Massage
    • Rolf Method Massage
  • Full & Half Day Private Tours

    Full & Half Day Private Tours

    Full and Half Day Tours tailored to your interests and needs, whether it be fitness, hiking, relaxation, photo safari, waterfalls, adventure or more.

    • Haleakala & Upcountry
    • Hana (full day only)
    • West Maui
    • South Maui
  • Private Quests

    Private Quests

    Experience Hawaiian Culture with Makoa Quest

    Makoa Quests are experiential tours that immerse you in Hawaiian culture, led by cultural practitioners. Each Quest ignites a meaningful relationship with the wisdoms of traditional life-ways. These rare experiences give you access to private land and the opportunity to learn in-depth, place-based understandings. Let your engagement with the voices of Maui and the heart of the land, open the door to walk in the footsteps of your Ancestors and support the perpetuation of living cultures for the next generation.

    Makoa Quest profits provide cultural experiences for low-income Maui youth.

  • 2-Hour Private Quests

    2-Hour Private Quests

    ʻĪAO Valley

    Leave an offering at a Hawaiian petroglyph, hike through the valley to an old taro patch, learn about Hawaiian plants & culture and make a kupe’e lei.


    Learn a Hawaiian chant at the beautifully dramatic Pu’u Olai; Visit Keoneʻōʻio (La Perouse) to offer your chant and hear stories of the demigod Maui.

  • 4-Hour Private Quests

    4-Hour Private Quests


    During the daytime or at sunset, learn a chant to offer at the summit along with a personal prayer at a private location. Peer into the crater with chance to see the Big Island and visit various overlooks. Hear the story of how Maui Harnessed the Sun at Haleakalā.

    Heiau & Waihe’eridge Hike

    Visit a Hawaiian Heiau and learn a chant to offer. Hike along the Waihe’e Ridge trail with dramatic ocean, mountain and waterfall views.

    Keoneʻōʻio (laperouse) & The King’s Trail

    Learn a chant to offer at Keoneʻōʻio before hiking along the King’s Trail while learning about Hawaiian history, culture adn stories of the demigod Maui.

    Pu’ukeka’a (Blackrock) & Cave

    Learn the sacred cultural significance of this site the way few today will. Visit a lesser known cave to make offerings to the Hawaiian spirit that still resides there.

    Private Quests Include:

    Hawaiian Cultural Practitioner, Hawaiian Cultural History, Hawaiian Storytelling, At least 2 Chants (1 of which will be taught), Transportation to Pu’u Keka’a, La Perouse, Mākena & Haleakalā is included. For other sites, the practitioner will meet the guest there with GPS location provided or the opportunity to meet centrally.

  • Private Group Quests

    Private Group Quests


    3.5 HOURS Share a morning with a wāhine Cultural Practitioner who will guide your learning and exploration of a beautiful lush 14-acre private organic permaculture farm in Haʻikū, Maui. Sustainably harvest freshly growing materials and learn both the techniques to create your own lei, and the significance of its use as an adornment. This leads into an introductory lesson of the Art of Hula and the depth of meaning found within the words, movements and history of this cultural dance. Learn a complete hula dance.

    Includes: Transportation, breakfast muffins, organic farm fresh tropical fruit and refreshments.


    3.5 HOURS Visit Upcountry Maui at 4,000 ft elevation with bi-coastal views, surrounded by rolling hills. Talk story with a Hawaiian cultural practitioner and through Hawaiian story- telling, you’ll learn about the significance of fire to the Hawaiian people. We’ll gather around the warmth of an outdoor fire pit to enjoy an organic dinner. A conch shell will be blown and a chant sung to mark the ending of the day and the coming night. The night concludes with a Kava ceremony, a relaxing Hawaiian drink in coconut water accompanied by cultural protocol.

    Includes: Transportation, dinner catered by The Market in Wailea, kava Cozy Blankets and Cold eucalyptus towels.


    3.5 HOURS This tour welcomes you to heritage lands located on the Keanae Peninsula that are cared for by familial farmers. You’ll hear the story of Hāloa and its significance as a creation story to the Hawaiian people. Step into the cool waters of the loʻi to learn how the food is cultivated and to lend a hand in tending to this staple crop. Afterward, visit the farm’s water source, a beautiful waterfall with spring- fed pools where you can relax, swim or even jump from the rocks.

    Includes: Transportation, Lunch, Reef safe sunscreen and Cold eucalyptus towels.

  • Activities

Meal Plan Options

All meals are organic and made fresh daily from our local, healthy farm to table restaurants that have vegan and vegetarian options. You can order one to three meals a day with delivery straight to your door.

Please let us know how many meals per a day you would like. (Breakfast, lunch & dinner available).

Please view the links below to see the menus for the three restaurants we use. All meals will be charged to your account upon ordering with a 25% gratuity charge for delivery.

Choice Health Bar


Valley Isle Kombucha
Valley Isle


Old Lahaina House Property

Located in historic Lahaina Town, The Old Lahaina House is a conveniently located, wonderfully relaxing place to stay when you visit Maui.  You will enjoy the romantic, secluded ambience of our tropical courtyard and spacious pools, and appreciate the quire wholesome neighborhood we live in.  The accommodations waiting here for you are comfortably appointed, and feature the vibrant colors and décor of the Hawaiian Isle.

From our courtyard’s private entrance, you are mere steps from a serene beach, perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and whale watching. Popular surfing spots are close by.  You can enjoy a leisurely walk to the great dining and unique shopping in Lahaina, an history and culturally rich old whaling town. Our family can help you find everything you want from your Maui visit and offer you a home away from home, your own special retreat, your own intimate piece of Paradise.

Singles, couples, family are all welcome. We are an array of accommodations, one of which might be perfect for you. Old Lahaina House is a great place to stay, at a very reasonable price., leave more money in your budget in your budge to enjoy all the Aloha of Maui.

The Old Lahaina House is a beautiful Maui Vacation Rental located in gorgeous Old Lahaina, which was once known as Lele, a sacred Hawaiian area, site of Moku’ula, the residence of high-chiefs, and capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Lahaina town was a popular whaling port; host to the first Christian missionaries; home to sugar mills, pineapple plantations, the first Hawaiian printing press, and the oldest school west of the Rockies. Lahaina has a vibrant historical past that can still be felt today in this active picturesque seaside town. Please call or write for any information and reservations. Let us hear fro you! We want to extend a personal welcome to our home, get to know a little about your, and let you know what we can offer you in Maui, the Island of Aloha.

All guest rooms include:

  • Double occupancy
  • Private bathrooms
  • A/C and fans
  • Televisions and wireless internet
  • Irons and ironing boards
  • Romantic “mosquito” netting bed drapes
  • Mini Refrigerator
  • Access to Summer Kitchen with BBQ grill by the pool

“The Double Palms” – Two Twin Beds, $139/night. (Seasonal pricing).

Each canopied twin bed is resplendent in palm tree coverlets and island trimmings—it’s as if you’ve awoken in some enchanted island kingdom—oh wait, you have! Maui’s magical appeal is woven into this standard-size guestroom, with its own private bathroom and tub/shower. A large northern window overlooks the roofs of Lahaina’s local neighborhood.  The Double Palms is our upstairs budget accommodation, accessed through a central staircase and hallway. Ideal for individual travelers, friends and youth, this fanciful room is all about island-style.

“The Mountain Room” – Queen Size Bed, $149.00 per night. (Seasonal pricing).

Named for its gorgeous mountain view, this eastern facing guest room also has its own private bathroom with a tub/shower combination. Tucked into the far end of a central hallway, light and bright, the cheerful upstairs Mountain room welcomes the sunrise and stays cool in the late afternoon.  From here, its easy to fall in love with Kahalewai (West Maui Mountains) with its palate of greens, yellows, golds, browns and reds.  Rainbows arch across cloud-filled valleys, winter-time waterfalls cascade down dark crags, and mystery broods in un-tread territory. Look for the ridge-line of a mo’o (lizard) vanishing into the mist. (To learn more about these myth-filled mountains, take the Maui Nei walking tour.)  A café table and chairs adjacent a coffee/tea station provide make in room relaxation a comfortable option.

“The Riviera Room” – King Size Bed, $179/night. (Seasonal pricing).

Just like in France, sip coffee on a private balcony overlooking a bougainvillea-accented courtyard!  Burbling fountains and cooing doves greet the early riser, and evening ushers in soft sunset lighting and tropical breezes through the palms on your partitioned lanai (balcony).  Easily accessed from a central staircase and hallway, there is minimal movement through the family household.  Inside this large high ceiling room, Tommy Bahamas-style touches add island glamour to the light, bright and spacious guest room. Soak in a retro-black tub against a glass block window in your own private bathroom.  Our most romantic quarters, the Riviera Room, will perfect any Maui adventure.

“The Poolside Suite” – King Size Bed w/ sleeper sofa, $179.00 per night. (Seasonal pricing).

The best room for poolside lounging, this spacious downstairs suite features a private side entrance and separate sitting room. Two sets of sliding glass doors open to the landscaped common courtyard and swimming pool.

Oriental carpets cover the parquet flooring and a billowing white net canopy augments a king size bed, wicker furniture set, couch, café table and chairs and island décor. A stained-glass parrot wall hanging sets the tropical tone, while an old fashioned rocking chair adds a demur home-like atmosphere. A large walk-in closet, spacious bathroom and shower stall complete the poolside suite. Inquire about additional bedding and partitioning options for this room.

Puamananani Property

2 Bedroom Condo, In the heart of Lahaina, from $295.00 a night. (Seasonal pricing).

Imagine your own little private, gated sanctuary, on the water … a stunningly lush paradise that is all yours. The warm, scented breeze … flowers … palm trees … exotic flora and fauna. It feels like you’re far from civilization as you relax at pool’s edge and gaze out over the Pacific just a few feet away, or the magnificent mountain backdrop. But, in reality, you’re only a few blocks away from the enticements of bustling Lahaina town; an historic whaling center chock full of great restaurants, shopping, and galleries.

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Around Puamananani

Puamana Nani belongs to something – Puamana Community Association – that is more than just a housing complex – it’s a neighborhood, and any good neighborhood comes with amenities for the locals. It’s more than just a beach.

There are all kinds of benefits that you’ll find – right in this tropical grotto where you’ll live. Pressed up against the ocean on one side, and vast mountains in the other direction, it’s a visual feast that nourishes the spirit. The spacious spread of landscaped grounds take you to the magnificent oceanfront, where there are daily water sports (swimming, surfing, SUP), and amenities offered by Puamana Community.

Take your pick among three pools, tennis courts, a club house with an ocean view exercise room, a commons area to gather with the family for BBQ’s, or a sunset session with your favorite glass of wine. Take a little walk to Lahaina for all it has to offer; festivals, galleries, restaurants, live music day and night, and every variety of shops.Enjoy!

Click Arrows to view images.

Ocean Front Estate Property

5 bedrooms + 1 bedroom cottage “ohana”
Sleeps 16 guests
, from $1800 night main house
From $200 night ohana. (Seasonal pricing).

Lahaina Oceanfront Estate is our flagship oceanfront property. The private yet convenient location becomes apparent upon arrival to even the most the discriminating traveler.  Boasting five ocean view bedrooms plus an attached self catering one bedroom suite, the home can comfortably  accommodate up to 16 guests.  It is an ideal choice for a luxury getaway whether it be a Family Vacation, Unforgettable Wedding, Anniversary or Reunion, Corporate Event, or Celebrity Production.  Sunsets, Turtles, Views of the Outer Islands allow us to present an unforgettable piece of paradise for your Maui vacation.

Click Arrows to view images.

photos by Melissa McClure

Truly captivating views entertain guests all throughout the day.  Whether it be colorful vistas, wildlife including whales when in season, or the recreational boats moored in the distance.  Depending on the tide the early riser can find one-of-a-kind shells right below the front yard on the beach.  The Lahaina Oceanfront Estate has the inspiring ambiance which makes visitors return.

Ocean Front Estate Features:

  • 5 Bedrooms, plus one detached one-bedroom cottage “ohana” style
  • Majestic views of the Pacific Ocean and our neighboring islands of Lana’i and Molokai
  • Waterfront Access
  • Grass & Sand Backyard
  • Heart shaped swimming pool and hot tub
  • Individually air-conditioned bedrooms
  • Internet / TV
  • Off-street Parking (6 cars)
  • “Pocket” Beach access for kayak or stand-up paddleboard (“SUP”) rides
  • Less than 15 minute walk to Lahaina town and  local favorite, Baby Beach
  • Walking distance to Lahaina’s Cannery Mall, Mala, Honu and Old Lahaina Luau

Wake up to the gentle lapping of ocean waves, in a small oceanfront neighborhood of Lahaina Town. Stunning views out to the islands of Lana’i and Moloka’i create dramatic sunsets with the silhouettes of sail boats, dolphins, turtles and in winter– spectacular whale watching! Lahaina Oceanfront Estate is less than five minutes by car to the center of town, nestled on the north end of Lahaina’s world famous Front Street and conveniently close to restaurants and shops. Nearby dining includes Mala Ocean Tavern (fine tapas, bar and brunches), Aloha Mixed Plate and many more. Safeway and Longs Drugs at the Cannery Mall is just down the street, offering a fabulous food court, gift and fashion shopping and complimentary hula shows. The new Lahaina Gateway with Barnes & Noble is just across from the Cannery Mall.


This ideally located ocean estate sleeps up to sixteen guests in six distinctive suites. Enter the tropical courtyard to the shaded front porch, step through the stain glass accented front door into the splendor of an open living room with a grand staircase sweeping up to the second floor and French doors opening up to the ocean. The bright, airy entry is a comfortable gathering place complete with television, DVD player and internet access.
The home features a spacious, fully appointed kitchen with ocean view bay windows. An interior dining room seats eight comfortably and overflow can pull up to the kitchen island. Or dine outdoors at the table on the covered back porch. A grassy lawn, palm trees, and heart shaped swimming pool complete the feeling of paradise. For ocean entry, a sandy pocket beach bordering the property, eases into shallow reef.


Master Bedroom (Sleeps 2)

  • Ocean Front View
  • One King bed
  • Spacious Private Bathroom with a Claw Foot Tub
  • Air Conditioning
  • Walk in Shower
  • Spacious Sitting Area with a desk
  • “Romeo & Juliet” Balcony
  • Television

Ocean View Suite (Sleeps 2)

  • Ocean Front View
  • One Queen Bed
  • “Romeo & Juliet” Balcony
  • “Jack & Jill” style share bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Television

 Mountain Room (Sleeps 2)

  • Partial Ocean View
  • One Queen Bed
  • “Romeo & Juliet” Balcony
  • Upper Floor
  • “Jack & Jill” style share bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Television

Pool Side Room (Sleeps 2)

  • Ocean View
  • One Queen Bed
  • Private Bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Private Entrance
  • Refrigerator
  • Television

Tommy Bahama Room (Sleeps 2-4)

  • Partial Ocean View from the Private Deck
  • Two Queen Beds
  • Private Bathroom
  • Private Entrance
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Television

One Bedroom Ohana (Sleeps 2-4)

  • One Queen Bed in the Bedroom
  • One Sleeper Sofa in the Living Area
  • Living Area
  • Full Kitchen
  • Private Entrance
  • Private bathroom
  • Air Conditioning
  • Television

Suggested Excursions

Bamboo Forest
The incredibly beautiful Bamboo Forest is located on the Mauka side (mountain side), between mile marker 6 and 7 en route to Hana. This Maui hidden gem provides enthusiasts with a glimpse of ‘Old Hawaii,’ and a chance to experience more of the surreal beauty that Maui has to offer.

Pools of ‘Ohe’o (aka Seven Sacred Pools)
The Pools of ‘Ohe’o are the most popular attraction in East Maui. Beautiful waterfalls and pools in an absolutely stunning setting. Easy access and full NPS facilities.

Verdant and diverse, ‘Ohe’o Gulch is an idyllic valley cut deeply over countless millennia by an equally idyllic rain forest stream. The stream is punctuated regularly along its course by cascading waterfalls and plunge pools until it empties into the deep-blue Hawaiian ocean along the rugged Kipahulu coastline. The most accessible pools are also very well suited for swimming and cliff-jumping – which is what makes this remote site among the most popular in all of Maui.

Red Sand Beach Kaihalulu
Just two miles away from us is Kaihalulu Beach, a rare and amazing red sand beach located at 20°45′8″N155°58′54″W. This remote and isolated beach is well worth the adventure and offers a unique experience. The sands color is from high iron content in the rock and sand. When mixed with the salt air and sea mist it creates a rusty red color. The sand itself is very coarse, so water shoes are a good idea to protect the feet.

How To Find Red Sand Beach:

To get to this beach can be a bit of a challenge. These instructions are from Google Maps:

Off the Hana Highway turn towards the ocean on Hauoli St which is located between the Travaasa Hotel and the Congregational church. This road will dead in and you will make a right to park.

1.  Park on the side of the road just outside of the Travaasa Hotel parking lot. You will walk across the Hana Community Center field looking for a trail on your right hand side. Recently the trail has been well-cleared (by far the most I’ve seen in well over a decade) and is now very easy to find. (The jungle grows quickly, so this could change!)
2.  If you end up at the Japanese Cemetery, you need to back-track to one of the paths that go downhill. (I would definitely not take the suggestion of other guidebooks and use that trail right next to the cemetery any longer.)
3.  The original ridge trail has been partially erased by a landslide. You will need to follow one of the other trails down to the shoreline, follow the shore and then climb back up to the trail beyond the slide.
4.   The trail is made of loose cinders and covered with ironwood pine needles. It is slippery, and there are several points where a slip could result in catastrophe. That said, the trail is short, so opportunities to tempt fate are short in duration; fairly experienced hikers may find these risky points somewhat trivial. Inexperienced/unlucky could be severely injured or killed.

Black Sand Beach

Maui’s famous black sand beach, named Honokalani and located in Waianapanapa State Park about three miles north of the town of Hana, is more than just a beach.  It was historically a very important place for Hawaiians, and there are various Hawaiian legends about this place – it is deemed as sacred by the Hawaiian people.  The park itself comprises of 122 acres, encompassing the beach, lava caves, wind-twisted foliage, Hawaii’s largest known heiau (temple), stone arches, and blow holes. The park is very interesting to hike through, and there are even a few wet, spring-fed sea caves and lava tubes.

Nakalele Blow Hole & Heart Shaped Rock

To find the trail to Nakalele Blowhole, drive north from Kapalua for approximately 8 miles, and park when you see the mileage marker that says 38.5. There are numerous trails that criss-cross the landscape, and they all lead down to the blowhole, but the trail from mile marker 38.5 is not only the safest route, but also offers a look at the famous heart shaped hole in the rock.

Rainbow Eucalyptus

The most well known grove of rainbow eucalyptus on Maui is located near mile marker 7 along the Hana Highway but these beautiful trees are scattered at several other locations including Ke’anae Arboretum and spots just before Hana town.

Whale Watching

Bobbing up and down on the water, scanning the horizon, you’ll never forget the first time one of these mammoth creatures suddenly emerges directly next your boat, blasting a geyser of misty breath from its blowhole. A uniform gasp and awe erupt from the crowd, as these magnificent creatures submerges itself again, flashing its Herculean tail, and diving back down into the unknown depths.

Whale Watching, What the locals know/tips:
Whale Season: approx. December 15 through April 15

Make sure that there is a naturalist on board who can share more about whale behaviors and fun facts.
The water is usually calmer in the early morning hours. However, if you are prone to seasickness, please be sure to take ginger, dramamine, or other anti-nausea product.

Lavender Fields

With breathtaking views and beautiful walking paths, Ali’i Kula Lavender is a perfect place to wander. What makes us special, though, is our Story! Each day, we offer five Guided Walking Tours to share our history, inspiration and plans for the future.

Whether a first time friend or return guest, we assure that our Guided Walking Tour will give you a fresh look at what we do best – create and share.

Guided Walking Tour times are: 9:30a, 10:30a, 11:30a, 1p and 2:30p daily and typically last 30-40 minutes.
$12/person – Reservation recommended.

Explore our amazing Lavender Farm with experienced tour guides!
Times: 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 1:00pm, 2:30pm
Cost: $12 a person*. Save $2 w/advance reservation!
*Children 5 and up considered adult ticket price.